WRC-19 Day-1: A Grand Opening

| October 29, 2019

Monday morning October 28, saw WRC-19 start in the Sharm el-Sheikh International Conference Centre (SHICC) with an opening ceremony that ITU and the Egyptian hosts could be rightly proud of. Most of the 3500 registered delegates had managed to get hold of a prized secondary pass for the enhanced security precautions and were comfortably seated in the large ‘Capital Room’. Speeches included the ITU President and the Egyptian President, along with some glossy videos  and a stage show with a huge projection screen.

WRC-19 Opening Ceremony - 28-10-2019

Some snaps from the opening ceremony starting with handwritten communications on Papyrus to the present day Digital  World…


After lunch the opening plenary occurred, with chairs of the principal committees (esp COM4, 5 & 6) being confirmed. More detailed work at agenda item level begins on Tuesday as the top level committees initiate their working groups and sub groups. 50MHz for example is in a subgroup of COM4 SWG-4C1. The day ended with a reception for all delegates. RSGB is represented on the 60-strong UK delegation, whilst other amateurs are also embedded in their national delegations, such as Ulrich DK4VW from DARC. The work now begins…

RSGB Spectrum Forum Chair Murray G6JYB with Ulli DK4VW


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