GB2RS News, Sunday 3 March 2013

| March 1, 2013

UK’s first CubeSat launched

STRaND-and-teamThe UK’s first CubeSat, named STRaND-1, was launched on 25 February into a 785km orbit. Signals from STRaND-1 were received by the Surrey Space Centre later in the day. STRaND 1 was built in only three months using a Google Nexus One smartphone with an Android operating system. It carries an amateur radio AX.25 packet radio downlink on 437.568 MHz using 9600 bps FSK modulated data with an HDLC frame and NRZI encoding. The STRaND-1 team has asked if radio amateurs can assist in collecting telemetry from around the world to help them determine the health and attitude of the spacecraft. Reports go by e-mail to Dr Chris Bridges at

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