IARU R1 honours Colin Thomas, G3PSM

| September 22, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that Colin Thomas, G3PSM has been given the Roy Stevens G2BVN Memorial Award by the IARU Region 1. It is appropriate that Roy was Colin’s mentor in his international work.

Colin retires as Chairman of the External Relations Committee this year after a period of exemplary service to the amateur radio service and in particular the International Amateur Radio Union in Region 1.

Nothing is more important to radio amateurs than their access to the spectrum – without frequencies there is no amateur radio. Colin’s contribution to the acquisition and defence of radio spectrum use by radio amateurs has been unparalleled. In particular, within Region 1 he has played a leading role in the acquisition of additional bands. They include 136 kHz, 472 kHz, allocations at 5 MHz and the expansion of 7 MHz. He has also led the successful defence of our existing allocations at a time when they are under great pressure. IARU Region 1 radio amateurs owe him a huge debt.

All of this takes skill and an enormous amount of time. Colin has been attending and contributing to the IARU Region 1 Conference since 1972. He became a member of the EC in 2008 and then as Chairman of the External Relations Committee for which he was very well-suited. This is a record without equal and has made great demands on his time and energy. For example, World Radio Conferences typically last four weeks and Colin has given months of time to them – and their preparation. Mention should also be made of his equally great commitment to CEPT and ITU work.

Always an active radio amateur, he has also worked tirelessly for the RSGB within the UK. He was our President in 2008-9. He is an Honorary Life Vice-President and a recipient of our Founder’s trophy in recognition of his work both for the Society and for the IARU. He was our HF manager and also the first Chairman of the RSGB Spectrum Forum. His RSGB achievements were even more remarkable in view of his very successful international work.


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