WRC-15 – Day-12

| November 18, 2015

ITU WRC-15Future Items:
The revised 50-54 MHz proposal for a possible future agenda item received its reading and agreement in Working Group 6B with the U.S. reserving its position. This means that the proposal moves up a level to Committee 6 but is still a long way from being accepted as a future agenda item. There are no COM 6 meetings scheduled at the time of writing but this could change at any time.

Discussions regarding new Space Operations Service spectrum for small satellites continue with candidate bands that may /may-not include the amateur 144 and 430 MHz bands. IARU is keeping a very close watch on this.

Agenda Items 1.10 (22-26 GHz) and 1.12 (10 GHz): Both been discussed in Committee 5. It seems that there will be a NOC (No Change) position on A.I. 1.10 which means that the amateur service band at 24 GHz is safe for the time being. The 1.12 paper has been sent back for further drafting but this will not affect the amateur service and amateur satellite services on this band.

5MHz: Tomorrow afternoon Agenda Item 1.4 (5 MHz) will receive its final readings and hopefully will survive in its present form unscathed.

Other matters:  Z8 has now officially been agreed as the prefix for South Sudan and will be formally entered into the Radio Regulations. Meanwhile the revised Radio Regulations from WRC-15 will officially come into effect from the 1st January 2017.

Colin, 4U/G3PSM

NB: Further background and updates are at rsgb.org/wrc-15 and in our news


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