Review of National Regional Organisation

| August 7, 2013

The Board have decided that a complete review needs to be made of the RSGB national regional organisation.  The thinking behind the creation of the Leadership Team in 2012 was that communication between the many specialist volunteers and the membership needs to be improved so that members realise greater value from their membership.

The Board has asked the President Bob Whelan, G3PJT, to lead a President’s Advisory Group (PAG) to undertake the review.  Apart from the President, the PAG will comprise the Company Secretary Rupert Thorogood, G3KKT and Board member Phillip Brookes, G4NZQ.

The terms of reference for the PAG are

  • to review the existing national regional structure of the Society
  • to formulate ideas for supporting members both nationwide and locally
  • to provide a provisional report to the Board by November 2013  

The PAG intends to conduct the review by seeking advice and comments from as wide a group of the membership as possible.  In addition, it will be examining the way similar organisations to the RSGB structure their regional aspects.  In particular the PAG will seek views on

  • the types of regional support services appropriate to the membership including new entrants as well as existing members.
  • the way that these might be delivered.
  • the role of RSGB Committee members in the case of specialist support.
  • how the regional services might be measured to establish their effectiveness.
  • how web services should be part of any recommendations.

The PAG welcomes your input to this review. Please send an email to  The members of the PAG will be running workshops at the Leadership Team meeting in September and will be attending both the Hamfest at Newark and the Convention to seek out your views and ideas.

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