Tiago Guizzo, M0SVU

| April 6, 2021

I’ve been interested in amateur radio for a long time but was never able to get started. I am a mechanical engineer and have worked most of my professional life with commercial aircraft. I have always been interested in computers, electronics and radios. I think that the ability of communicating without mobile phone network support is a fantastic thing.

During lockdown I bought a radio-scanner and heard amateur radio club nets. Knowing that there were people on the air and working from home made me realise it was the ideal time to get involved.

I started studying for my Foundation exam in September 2020 and am delighted that I passed my Full licence exam this week at the start of April 2021.

I studied alone for my exams, used the RSGB training and ‘Exam Secrets’ books and I also did the mock exams available on the RSGB website.

I was also supported by Thornbury & South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club. As they are my local club I emailed them and the Secretary and Club Trainer said they would do everything they could to help.

The remote invigilation exams were a good experience and I liked doing them from home. I didn’t have any IT issues and the invigilators were friendly and helpful.

After I passed my Foundation exam I joined the Club and have been regularly participating in club nets and also the midweek Zoom meetings while we haven’t been able to meet due to Covid 19.

At the moment the part of amateur radio I like best is digital voice. Although it uses internet support, it is great to communicate with radio amateurs all over the world which is one of my key objectives as a radio amateur. I started it because of the power limitation of 10W to the Foundation Licence. When I got my Intermediate Licence I ordered a 50W transceiver to reach longer via DX on 70cms and 2m bands.

I have been very successful with my contacts via digital voice using a ‘hotspot’ accessing C4FM ysf-reflectors mostly 56691 & 77777 and D-Star. Also, I accessed a DMR repeater which I was able to use to communicate with the Brandmeister & Phoenix networks all over the world.

Once I got my Intermediate licence, I decided to follow through straight away to the Full Licence. This seemed to me the right thing to do in my case, and it was! I am now a very happy Full Licensee. This gives me much more flexibility to experiment, expand and enjoy the hobby; I still have plenty to learn on VHF and UHF digital voice.

I have bought my first HF rig which will allow me to try digital modes/voice and CW on HF DXing unsupported all over the world. I am looking forward to discovering and learning many new things.

Photo credit: Clive Merchant, M7TTJ – member of Thornbury & South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club

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