WRC-23: The Final Acts

| December 15, 2023

Thursday December-14 saw the conclusion of detailed WRC-23 business in order to prepare for the signing of the ‘Provisional Final Acts’ and closing ceremony on Friday. The remaining big topics on the future of the UHF TV Band and 6G-IMT Spectrum were not without their controversy, but were ultimately approved.

This has resulted in a new record for future agenda items spread across WRC-27 and preliminary ones for WRC-31. IARU moved to quickly review this on Thursday afternoon, as there will be two days for the first 2027 Conference Preparation Meeting (CPM27-1) that will be immediately held on Monday/Tuesday. This short event will allocate the future workload to the various ITU Study Groups. A series of new topics are relevant or may impact amateur allocations. Therefore, confirming the lead study group and ensuring that we are able to contribute is a key early organisational matter.

Whilst AI-9.1b was agreed at WRC-23, the 23cm story is far from complete. As for the next CEPT/ITU-WRC cycle – the breadth and complexity of the new topics will require some thought and careful resourcing.

Next up will be a very welcome Xmas break, with the RSGB Spectrum Forum hearing reports on this early in the new year. But before that are a few final photos:

Group Photo of the 23cm Sub Working Group – WRC-23 SWG 4B7


Spectrum Experts in delegations included hundreds of women as part of the NOW4WRC23 initiative


Ofcom at the signing of the ITU WRC23 Provisional Final Acts


Murray G6JYB completes his time on the UK WRC-23 Delegation



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