WRC-23 Days-3+4: 23cms Recommendation and more

| November 23, 2023

Wednesday (Day-3) saw the start of the discussions on Agenda-Item 9.1b – regarding Radio Navigation Satellites  and Amateur Radio in 1240-1300MHz. This and further sessions on VHF Radar Sounders and Space Weather continued on Thursday. 

Events were usefully preceded by the prompt publication of ITU-R Recommendation M.2164 which had been agreed in the preceding ITU Radio Assembly and has detailed guidance on power levels, frequencies and even antenna elevation angles.

The ITU recommendation can look complex, so IARU has also provided some summary slides. Some useful links:-

The defining background was laid out by ITU Resolution-774 four years before back at the end of WRC-19.

The publication is not the end of the story. The WRC-23 discussions have been well attended and quickly became challenging regarding the CEPT position of going even further – via ‘incorporating by reference’ into the ITU Radio Regulations treaty. This would in effect would elevate it from ‘guidance’ to mandatory.  Despite a number of efforts on Thursday, consensus was not achieved and the issue is ongoing.

One item that did bring some light relief after a difficult Wednesday session was the USA Delegation evening event. This is sponsored by various organisations – one of which took us by surprise on a huge twin screen and was a great piece of outreach.


The RSGB’s social media and special focus page at rsgb.org/wrc-23 will feature regular postings whilst the conference is underway.

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