RadCom Plus, Vol. 5, No. 1

| December 16, 2020

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3 Wide dynamic range field strength meter
Thomas M. Alldread, VA7TA, describes his wide dynamic range field strength meter

19 Elevating an antenna with anti-phased elements
Tony Preedy, G3LNP, shows us how to achieve the enhanced performance of a high 7MHz antenna at a lower height using a design by radio astronomer W8JK

24 More 3D printing hints and tips
Jonathan Hare, G1EXG, gives us more 3D printing hints and tips, following on from his previous RadCom article

30 A tracking generator for the SA3000
Rubens R. Fernandes, VK5FE, describes how to add a tracking generator to his SA3000 spectrum analyser

35 Using op amps to model the Phillips economic computer in SPICE
Mark R. StJ. Foreman, G7LSZ, describes using op-amps and SPICE simulation to model a water-driven analogue computer from the late 1940s

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