Introducing the RSGB WRC-19 Blog

| October 17, 2019

As the start of WRC-19 draws closer, the RSGB attended the final UK preparation meeting this week at Ofcom. Positions on agenda items as well as logistics and travel advice for the UK delegation were considered.

WRC-19 takes place over a full month starting on Monday 28 October 2019, concluding on Friday 22 November 2019. An RSGB representative will be present at the conference as part of the UK Ofcom-led delegation.

Particular items of interest for amateur radio include the harmonisation of 50MHz, Wireless Power, and Future Agenda Items for WRC-23. Overall the biggest topics at the conference will include extra spectrum for 5G (and beyond), Wi-Fi expansion and a raft of satellite matters.

A special WRC-19 issue of ITU News is now available (96-page/20.1MB PDF). It is a large file but provides an excellent overview of the conference and its agenda items, including an article on the IARU objectives for the conference by IARU Secretary Dave Sumner, K1ZZ. The IARU will also be present as it has official Observer status, whilst some other amateurs will be embedded in other national delegations.

The RSGB’s social media and special focus page at will feature regular postings whilst the conference is underway.

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