Rev. George Dobbs, G3RJV, SK

| March 11, 2019
Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV (SK)

Rev George Dobbs, G3RJV (SK)

It is with a heavy heart that I have to report that the Reverend George Dobbs, G3RJV, founder of the GQRP Club passed away in the early hours of Monday, 11 March 2019.

George had been unwell for some time but he had been living quite comfortably in a care home.

Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated quite rapidly over his last few days. Jo, his wife, was with him when he passed.

A full obituary will follow and all GQRP members will receive a special G3RJV memorial edition of SPRAT.

RIP George.

73, & 72, Steve, G0FUW
Chairman, GQRP Club

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