Two D-Star satellites deployed

| January 11, 2019

On 27 December 2018 a Soyuz launch deployed two German satellites, D-Star ONE – Sparrow and D-Star ONE – iSat.

The beacons have been successfully received from both satellites, which each carry a D-Star repeater.

They uplink on 437.325MHz and downlink on 435.525MHz.

The December Soyuz flight also deployed the UWE-4 1U CubeSat carrying a 70cm AX.25 digipeater, with an uplink/downlink frequency of 437.375MHz.

AMSAT Germany has reported that in-orbit testing of the P4-A amateur radio transponders on Es’hail-2 has begun but amateurs should not attempt to transmit on the Es’hail-2 uplink.

When all in-orbit testing has been successfully completed, the satellite will be moved to its final orbital position at 26° East and availability announcements will be made.

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