Japan to launch amateur satellite

| September 5, 2014

Asteroid mission Hayabusa 2, with a planned launch this December, will also carry the amateur radio satellite Shin’en 2.

It will be among the first amateur radio satellite go into orbit outside the influence of the Earth’s gravity.

The relatively small satellite will be put into an elliptic orbit around the Sun and travel to an orbit between Venus and Mars.

It was built in Japan by students and carries a Mode J linear transponder for amateur radio communications along with CW and WSJT beacons.

The satellite will operate on 437.505MHz for its CW beacon and 437.385MHz for the WSJT telemetry.

The inverting CW and SSB transponder will uplink on 2m from 145.940 to 145.960MHz using lower sideband.

The downlink will use 435.280 to 435.260MHz on upper sideband.

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