ESRG January 2024 key messages

| February 19, 2024

The Exams and Syllabus Review Group (ESRG) met four times during January. It has released these key messages from those meetings:

  • Syllabus v1.5 has been re-written in Word format to allow a comparison with v1.6
  • Feedback from Ian White, GM3SEK was received about the EMF questions. This was discussed, most of his recommendations were agreed and the ESRG Chair responded to Ian
  • A very full written reply was sent to one tutor who had raised a number of complaints
  • Questions that other tutors had highlighted were discussed. Some questions were altered and some were suspended from the question bank. A decision was made by the ESRG Chair that any individual who raises a query via the established process of emailing will receive a response letting them know the results of the ESRG discussions about it
  • There was a lot of discussion around the announcement that Ofcom has agreed that the first new exam in line with the licence changes will be on 1 September
  • A decision was made to invite one or two tutors to attend an ESRG meeting perhaps once a month. It was also highlighted that most ESRG members are also tutors themselves, so they do understand the process and requirements of teaching the syllabus

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