Trowbridge & District Amateur Radio Club

| March 12, 2021

Trevor Griffiths, G7PEE and his friend and fellow club member Peter Smythe, M0JVY started the club net on 23 March in response to the Covid crisis. 145.375 Mhz was chosen as it was the preferred frequency of the T&DARC for its regular Sunday evening net hosted by David Pow, G6POW.

Initially it was just Trevor and Peter chatting to support each other, not least because Trevor was self-isolating. Soon they were joined by Russ Scully, M0WYB and Roy Bailey, G0VFS and what became the ‘Morning Natter Net’ (originally known as the Lockdown Net) was born!

Trevor says, “I decided early on that from inception I would record the duration of each net along with the number of stations present. I recorded 196 nets in 2020 that I was part of but the total number for the year was in the region of 220!”

It soon became apparent that a number of T&DARC members and, importantly, newcomers who have consequently joined the club were making daily appearances and so in 2020 around six to seven stations on average were calling in. In the current third lockdown they continue to see increasingly higher numbers participating.

Trevor continues, “My opinion is that everyone has much more time during this unprecedented peri-od of uncertainty to ‘play radio’ and catch up with old friends. The point is that as we radio amateurs know, it is always good to talk. On a personal level I have found this net to be a lifesaver and a good reason to get up in the mornings!”

The net meets at 10:30 daily on 145.375 Mhz and they are keen to hear from any station in the locality or beyond. Apart from covering Trowbridge, Westbury and surrounding areas they have stations from Stroud to Wincanton calling in, so coverage is good.

Trevor concludes, “It has been a real success story and we strongly recommend other groups give it a go.”

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