Leyland and District Amateur Radio

| March 12, 2021

At the start of lockdown, four radio amateurs at Leyland and District Amateur Radio (LADAR) started a weekly net to keep in touch as they couldn’t meet as usual. The first net was on 18 March 2020 and was so well-received it started running biweekly.

To keep things interesting, the group introduced some on-air games that have been a big success.

It has also run multiple special nets celebrating the birth of the NHS, GOTA2C, World mental health day etc. It is constantly working on fresh ideas to help ease the stresses, strains and loneliness of life during Covid19.

Phil, 2E0DGP says: “We were very lucky to have shortwave listeners who regularly check in with us, some of whom have gone on to pass their Foundation exam as a result of the work we put in, both on and off the air.”

LADAR operators are: John McDonald, M6HBU; Mark Rothwell, M0XJR; Steve Ball, M7STE; and Phil Willetts, 2E0DGP.

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