RSSTonight @ 8

1 November 2021 – BITX to SBITX: the journey and development of this exciting range of transceivers by Ashhar Farhan, VU2ESE

| August 27, 2021

Ashhar’s presentation The BITX is a simple to build, yet challenging all-band transceiver kit. Many people, even if they don’t own one, will have heard or read of the impact it has for a radio amateur to be able to build a rig at a low cost, with repeatable results, to get on the air. […]

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6 December 2021 – Using the Pluto and RPi4 for Amateur TV and Narrowband use by Noel Matthews, G8GTZ

| August 10, 2021

Noel’s presentation Following on from his “Advances in Amateur Television” talk at the 2017 RSGB convention, Noel Matthews, G8GTZ will be presenting on the latest developments in the ever-evolving world of Amateur TV. Noel will give an overview of ATV activity in the UK and in particular how the use of Reduced bandwidth (RBTV) signals […]

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