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Network Radio, September 2018

| August 8, 2018

These letters were received for publication in the September 2018 RadCom but pressure of space meant they could not be included in the printed edition. David Lees, G0PDL The reason Network Radio is worth a try is simply because it isn’t like anything else. If it was, it wouldn’t be so popular. The combination and […]

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Am I a Dinosaur? – May 2016

| April 26, 2016

Geoff Stainton, G1MQQ Maybe you are, but the dinosaurs ruled the earth for a lot longer than we humans! Surely, what makes amateur radio unique is its autonomy. Once our communications rely on the availability of an internet connection provided by a third party ISP, or even a repeater whose operation or otherwise is outside […]

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Peer Review – December 2015

| November 16, 2015

Ray Howes, G4OWY With all due respect to Dr Kirkby (RadCom, October 2015), RadCom is not a professional technical journal. It is a hobbyist journal of the amateur kind. Now, I fully understand that some people within our hobby of amateur radio continually seek to professionalise it. G8WRB’s idea that all RadCom articles be ‘peer […]

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