Jack Joyce, M7OFM – RSGB Youth (Bronze) Award

| April 11, 2024

Jack Joyce, M7OFM, known as JJ, is 17 years old and is a third-generation radio amateur following in the footsteps of his parents and Grandad. Recently JJ, who has complex additional needs, decided he wanted to have a go at achieving the RSGB Youth (Bronze) Award.

JJ had been busy making contacts on FT8, and even made 70 contacts on 40m in two days. However, when the contacts were transferred to Club Log, the system was unable to verify them.

Unsure of how to proceed, JJ’s mum, Jane Joyce, M6OFM, contacted RSGB Awards Manager, Lindsay Pennell, GI3KME to ask for advice. Lindsay advised them that the RSGB awards committee has recently started accepting eQSL confirmations for SWL applications and, at discretion, will now also do so for Youth awards. With this in mind, Lindsay said to get JJ set up on eQSL.

After following his advice, they were able to upload the contacts from Log4OM and had the majority of contacts confirmed almost instantly. Not long after this JJ passed the requirements for the Bronze award. This included having a QSO with his Grandad who has been QRT for five years, which was a very touching and memorable moment for the whole family.

JJ was presented with his certificate by Roger London G0NRL, Chair of the Medway Amateur Receiving and Transmitting Society (MARTs) and is now on the road to completing his Silver Youth Award.

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