News for England South-East – 25 August 2019

| August 23, 2019

We start with clubs that have several events this week.

This Sunday and next Sunday, Burnham Beeches Radio Club has its net from 10.30am on 145.500MHz. On Monday there’s a pub meeting. Contact Greg, G4EBY, via email to

Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has an open net this Sunday from 6.30pm on GB3IW. On Monday there’s an open net from 8pm on 145.275MHz. On Friday there’s a meeting in the marquee at the Fort, then Saturday and Sunday see the Field Weekend with the 144MHz contest and HF National Field Day. Contact Chris, G3WIE, via email to

Milton Keynes Amateur Radio Society is running the MKARS Rally this Sunday at the Irish Club, Manor Fields. There’s no meeting on Monday. Contact Phil, G4FVZ, on 0780 263 6998.

Radio Society of Harrow has its net on 1938kHz LSB from noon this Sunday. On Monday there’s a club net from 8.15pm that settles on 145.350MHz FM. The shack is open this Sunday and on Thursday from 10am to 3pm. Contact Linda, G7RJL via email to

Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club has a CW net on Monday from 7.30pm on 144.180MHz. Thursday sees a net from 7.30pm on 145.500MHz. Contact Dave, M5ABP, via email to

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order.

On Monday Essex Ham has its net on GB3DA from 8pm, with chatroom and audio feed at Contact Pete, M0PSX, via email to

Hog’s Back Amateur Radio Club is closed on Monday.

On Tuesday Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society has a talk Computers in the Shack. Details from Edwin, G0LPO, on 01376 324 031.

On Tuesday Camb-Hams has its net on GB3PI from 8pm. For details, see

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club has an open net from 8pm on 145.375MHz. More information from David, M0XDF, via email to

On Wednesday Farnborough and District Radio Society is having a talk on drones by Adam Juniper. Contact Mel, M0JMR, via email to

On Wednesday Hastings Electronics and Radio Club has its construction contest. Contact Gordon, M3YXH, on 01424 431 909.

On Wednesday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club is having an informal evening plus Bright Sparks. Contact Chris, G0DWV, on 01603 898 308.

On Wednesday Southdown Amateur Radio Society has an FM net on 145.275MHz from 8.30am; a cafe meeting at 12.30 and a CW net on 144.060MHz from 7pm. Contact Tom, M6ONX, via

Hilderstone Radio Society August Club has a casual field meeting on Thursday evening on the coach park side at Manston. Contact Ian, G0PDZ, via email to

On Friday Loughton and Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society is on the air. Contact David, M0VID, via email to

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society has a fox hunt with the winners of the June event. Details from David, M7OBI, on 0779 244 2314.

On Friday Silverthorn Radio Club is having a club night from 7.30pm. Contact Robbie, M0HVC, on 0742 913 1105.

On Friday Whitton Amateur Radio Group is having a social meeting in the bar. Contact Ian, G0OFN, on 0795 620 3495.

Next Sunday South Essex Amateur Radio Society is operating GB2CTM from the Canvey Transport Museum. Details from Terry, G1FBW, on 0798 607 0040.

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