News for England South-East – 9 July 2017

| July 7, 2017

We start with clubs that have several events this week. Coulsdon Amateur Transmitting Society has nets today and next Sunday at 11am on 145.4MHz ± QRM and 5pm on 3.7MHz ± QRM. Wednesday sees a net from 9pm on 70.425MHz. Details from Andy Briers, G0KZT, via email to

Loughton and Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society will be on the air today on VHF and UHF as GB0IS at the traditional Theydon Bois Donkey Derby. The club net is on Thursday from 8pm on 144.725MHz. Details from Dave De La Haye, M0MBD, on 0798 016 5172.

Surrey Radio Contact Club has a net today and next Sunday on 1905kHz from 9.30am. Monday sees the annual barbecue at the home of G4CCY/DDY. On Wednesday it’s the Spinney on the Air event. Thursday sees a net on 70.300MHz from 8pm and on Friday there’s a net on 145.350MHz from 8pm. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Fareham and District Amateur Radio Club has its net on 145.475MHz from 7pm on Wednesday. Thursday sees a debrief on the VHF NFD performance and on Friday the Top Band Net runs from 7pm on 1967kHz. Contact Chris Jenkins-Powell, G7MFR, on 0781 749 8772.

Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society is considering HF loops on Thursday. Saturday sees activities for Coastwatch on the Air. For details email Steve, G3PND, via

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is attending Science Discovery Day at Sandford Mill today. For more information, email

On Monday Essex Ham has its net on GB3DA from 8pm, with chatroom and audio feed at Contact Pete, M0PSX, via email to

On Monday Peterborough and District Amateur Radio Club has its net. Contact Alan Ralph via email to

On Monday West Kent ARS is having a talk on 80 years of radio astronomy by Paul, G4CSD. All are welcome. Details via email to

On Tuesday Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society is holding its construction contest. More information from Edwin, G0LPO, on 01376 324 031.

On Tuesday South Essex Amateur Radio Society is running GX4RSE from the White House, Kiln Road, Benfleet SS7 1BU. Details from Terry Howchen, G1FBW, on 07986 070 040.

On Wednesday Aylesbury Vale Radio Society is having a presentation by Vic, G6GDI on how he got into flying. For details, email

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club is holding a barbecue with David Ferrington, M0XDF. Contact David, M0XDF, via email to

On Wednesday Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society has its net from 9pm, starting on 145.500MHz. Contact Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Wednesday Crystal Palace Radio and Electronics Club has its net on 145.525MHz ± QRM from 8pm. Contact Bob, G3OOU, on 01737 552 170.

On Wednesday Darenth Valley Radio Society is fitting up the new club antenna. Contact Mike, G8AXA, on 0788 415 7776.

On Wednesday Southdown Amateur Radio Society has a net from 8.30am on 145.275MHz, a cafe meeting at 12.30pm and a CW net from 7pm on 144.060MHz. Details from John, G3DQY, on 01424 424 319.

On Wednesday Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club is having a lecture. Contact Al, M0OAL, via email to

On Thursday Dover Radio Club is holding a table top sale. More information from Aaron, 2E0FQR, on 0771 465 4267.

On Thursday Edgware and District Radio Society is having an explanation of the Radio Old Timer Association by Steve, G0PQB, and a talk on going up the Amazon by Mike, G4RNW, which was originally scheduled for the 13 April. More information from Mike, G4RNW, on 02089 500 658.

On Thursday Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club is having a club night. Contact Ian, 2E0DUE, via email to

On Thursday Huntingdonshire Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on RAYNET by Rob Chipperfield, M0VFC. Contact David, M0VTG, via email to

On Thursday Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on USA photo-reconnaissance satellites by Brian Hawes, G2KQ. Contact John Burnett, via email to

On Thursday Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club has an open net from 7.30pm. Details from Gordon, M0WJL, via email to

On Thursday Verulam Amateur Radio Club is having a social evening with the GB3VH repeater group. Contact Greg, M0PPG, on 01582 413 345.

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is having a radio night. More information from Dennis Conway, M0YDC, on 0747 630 1044.

On Sunday Leiston Amateur Radio Club is having a barbecue. Contact John, G4XVE, via email to

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