News for England South-East – 25 December 2016

| December 23, 2016

This broadcast covers the two weeks from 25 December to 8 January.
To keep the bulletin short we have omitted ‘club closed’ notices and edited some entries more heavily than usual.

Surrey Radio Contact Club has its regular Sunday net on 1905kHz from 9.30am on the 25th, 1st and 8th. Thursday the 29th and 5th see a net on 70.300MHz from 8pm, and there’s a net on 145.350MHz, also from 8pm, on Friday the 30th and 6th. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Southdown Amateur Radio Society continues its complex schedule of multiple nets and meet-ups throughout the holiday period. For more information contact John, G3DQY, on 01424 424 319.

Essex Ham has a net on GB3DA from 8pm on Monday the 2nd, with chatroom and live audio feed at Tuesday the 3rd sees the start of the online Foundation course, see On Saturday the 7th the YL net takes place on GB3DA from 8pm. Contact Pete, M0PSX, via email to

The Radio Society of Harrow has a talk on Monday the 2nd by Brian, G3YKB on standing waves. Friday the 6th sees a club night talk. Contact Linda, G7RJL, via email to

On Wednesday the 28th Bracknell Amateur Radio Club has its net from 8pm on 145.375MHz. Details from Andy, M0HAK, via email to

On Thursday the 29th Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society has its net on 144.725MHz. Details from Dave De La Haye, M0MBD, on 0798 016 5172.

On Thursday the 29th Thurrock Acorns Amateur Radio Club has an open net on 2m FM from 7.30pm. Contact Gordon, 2E0ELI, via email to

On Tuesday the 3rd Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is having a talk entitled Riding the Radio Waves by Jane Humphreys, the former Head of Spectrum Policy at DCMS. For more information, email

On Wednesday the 4th Bromley & District Amateur Radio Society has its net from 9pm, starting on 145.500MHz. Contact Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Thursday the 5th Dover Radio Club is having a gadget night, to which admittance is £2. More information from Aaron, 2E0FQR, on 0771 465 4267.

On Thursday the 5th Horsham Amateur Radio Club is having a bring and tell evening. Details from Alistair, G3ZBU, on 07855 268 666.

On Thursday the 5th Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society is previewing the events for 2017. For details email Steve, G3PND, via

On Friday the 6th Crystal Palace Radio and Electronics Club is having a talk on digital mode radio by Damien, 2E0EUI. Contact Bob, G3OOU, on 01737 552 170.

On Friday the 6th Horndean & District Amateur Radio Club is having a natter night. Contact Stuart, G0FYX, on 02392 472 846.

On Friday the 6th Itchen Valley Amateur Radio Club is holding a club meeting. Details from Ray, G3HRH, on 01962 712 045.

On Friday the 6th Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is on the air. Contact Sue Davis, G6YPY, on 01273 845 103.

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