News for England South East – 20 September 2015

| September 18, 2015

We start with news from clubs that have several events this week. Crawley Amateur Radio Club is hosting the Microwave Round Table today, including a heat for the UK Microwave Group annual construction contest for the G3VVB trophy. Visitors are welcome. Refreshments are available. On Wednesday there’s a talk on space photography by Chris Suddell. More information from John, G3VLH, on 01342 714 402.

Surrey Radio Contact Club has its Top Band net on 1905kHz from 9.30am today and next Sunday. On Monday there’s a chat and fix-it evening with John, G8MNY. The Friday net is on 145.350MHz at 8pm. Contact John, G3MCX, on 020 8688 3322.

Braintree and District Amateur Radio Society is having a planning evening on Monday for Railways on the Air, plus watching TX Factor. Next Saturday and Sunday the club will be taking part in Railways on the Air. For more information contact John, M5AJB, on 01787 460 947.

Southdown Amateur Radio Society has its 12wpm CW net on Wednesday from 10am on 7.028MHz, followed by a cafe meet at Beachy Head at 12.30pm, then a meeting with the Beachy Head Radio Society from 2.30pm. Saturday sees contacts with BHRS from 12.30pm on multiple bands. Contact Andy, M6GND on 01323 486 924.

Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club is visiting Margate RNLI Station on Thursday with Paul Hodson, G1DRX. Saturday sees a special event station for Railways on the Air. Contact Lyne Smith, via email to

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. Bromley and District Amateur Radio Society commences its Foundation course today. Contact Andy, G4WGZ, on 01689 878 089.

On Monday Burnham Beeches Radio Club is holding an open evening. Contact Dave, G4XDU, on 01628 625 720.

On Monday Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is holding a skills workshop at Danbury Village Hall. More information via email to

On Monday Eastbourne Electronics and Radio Club is having a project evening. Contact Peter, via email to

On Tuesday Dorking and District Radio Society is watching the RSGB Understanding HF Propagation video by Steve Nichols, G0KYA. Details from David Browning, M6DJB, via email to

On Wednesday Bracknell Amateur Radio Club has its club net from 8pm on 145.375MHz. Details from Andy, M0HAK, via email to

On Wednesday Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is at the shack. Contact Dan Adkin, M0HOW, on 01424 882 008.

On Wednesday Darenth Valley Radio Society is having a talk on amateur radio matters by the RSGB Deputy Regional Manager Keith Bird, G4JED. Contact Mike, G8AXA, on 01689 856 935.

On Wednesday Hastings Electronics and Radio Club is having a demonstration of amateur radio. More information from Gordon, on 01424 431 909.

On Wednesday Newbury and District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on landmark receivers and their impact on communications by Roger Wilkins, G8NHG. Details from Rob, G4LMW, on 01635 862 737.

On Wednesday Worthing and District Amateur Radio Club is holding a 2m DF evening. More information from Gordon Hutchinson, 2E0GTG, on 07801 599 470.

On Thursday Echelford Amateur Radio Society is having a talk by Dr Colin Forsythe on the Sun and HF propagation. Contact John, G4GSC, on 01784 451 898.

On Thursday Norfolk Coast Amateur Radio Society is talking about using the sea as a ground plane. More information from Steve, G3PND, via email to

On Thursday Reading and District Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on Harrier jump jets by Colin Boys, G8MRF. Details from Pete, G8FRC, on 01189 695 697.

On Thursday Shefford and District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk by Don, G4LOO and Bryan, M0BIK on Friedrichshafen 2015. Contact Paul Bradfield, G1GSN, on 07876 685 827.

On Friday Cambridge and District Amateur Radio Club is having a Foundation shack evening and watching TX Factor, episode four. More information from David, M0ZEB, on 01353 778 093.

On Friday Itchen Valley Amateur Radio Club is having a talk on FUNcube setup by Vic, G3NVB. Contact Quintin Gee, M1ENU, on 023 8078 7799.

On Friday Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society is holding a skittles evening. Details from Sue Davis, G6YPY, on 01273 845 103.

Next Saturday and Sunday Southgate Amateur Radio Club is taking part in Railways On the Air. Contact Mr K. Mendum, G8RPA, via email to

Next Saturday and Sunday Felixstowe and District Amateur Radio Society is running a Foundation course. More information from Paul, G4YQC, by email to

On Sunday South Essex Amateur Radio Society is operating GB2BM at the Bay Museum. The Canvey Community Archive will be hosting a history trail day on Canvey Island. The aim on this day is to have all the museums, historical sites, etc. open and available to the public and linked by a heritage bus service. More information from Terry Howchen, G1FBW, on 07986 070 040.

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