News for England Midlands – 27 March 2016

| March 24, 2016

We start with news from clubs that have several events this week. Coventry Amateur Radio Society has an open net on Monday from 8pm on 145.375MHz and/or 7.16MHz, ±QRM. On Friday there’s a talk on software defined radio by Dave, G1ORG. Contact John, G8SEQ, on 07958 777 363.

Gloucester Amateur Radio and Electronics Society is operating from Crickley Hill on Monday. The club net is on Wednesday, starting on 145.500MHz at 7.30pm. Contact Anne, 2E1GKY, on 01242 699 595.

South Birmingham Radio Society is closed on Monday. The regular coffee morning in the shack is on Tuesday from 11am. Thursday sees training classes with Dave Murphy, G8OWL. On Friday there’s a session checking the club aerials and equipment. Contact Gemma Gordon, M6GKG, via email to

Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Society has an open net on Monday from 7.30pm on 145.250MHz. Tuesday sees a DMR open net on GB7FW slot 2/local from 7.30pm. More information from Robert Bird, by email to

Lincoln Short Wave Club is taking part in the UK Club Contests on Tuesday. On Wednesday there is a talk by Ian, G4XFC about the Arduino microcontroller. The club net is on Thursday from 8pm on 145.325MHz. Saturday sees the regular surgery plus G5FZ on the air. For more information contact Pam Rose, G4STO, on 01427 788 356.

Salop Amateur Radio Society Club has its CW net on Wednesday from 4.30pm on 144.070MHz then its main club net from 8.30pm on GB3LH. Thursday sees G3SRT on the air. For details, email

Worksop Amateur Radio Society has a club night on Tuesday, with participation in the UKAC. On Wednesday there’s a meal out at The Lock Keeper. Thursday sees a technical night with construction, CW tuition, radio operation and data modes. An Advanced training course commences next Sunday from 6.30pm. Contact Paul, M0PJA, on 07890 626 684.

Telford and District Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM on Wednesday. Next Sunday sees GX6ZME/p on the air from Wappenshall. Contact John Humphreys, M0JZH, on 07824 737 716.

Wythall Radio Club has its regular nibbles night in the shack on Friday from 7.30pm. Next Sunday sees participation in the RSGB RoLo 80m SSB contest plus a club net from 8pm on 145.225MHz or GB3WL, Details from Chris, G0EYO, on 07710 412 819.

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. On Monday RAF Waddington Amateur Radio Club has its net on 145.325MHz from 8pm. Details from Bob, G3VCA, on 07971 166 250.

On Monday South Normanton Alfreton and District Amateur Radio Club has an informal meeting in the bar. Details from A. Lawrence, 2E0BQS, on 0115 930 7322.

On Monday Stratford upon Avon and District Radio Society is watching a video. Contact Clive, G0CHO, on 01608 664 488.

On Tuesday Cheltenham Amateur Radio Association has a slow CW net on 3540-3550kHz from 8pm. More information from Derek Thom, G3NKS, on 01242 241 099.

On Tuesday Derby and District Amateur Radio Society is on the air. Contact Richard Buckby, by email to

On Tuesday Loughborough and District Amateur Radio Club is holding a practical evening. More information from Chris, G1ETZ, on 01509 504 319.

On Wednesday Midland Amateur Radio Society has an Easter egg special ragchew and training classes. Details from Norman, G8BHE, on 07808 078 003.

On Thursday Nuneaton and District Amateur Radio Club has its club net on 145.475MHz from 9.30pm. Contact Neil Yorke, 2E0NEI, via email to

On Friday Hereford Amateur Radio Society is holding its AGM. Contact Rod, M0JLA, on 01432 356 079.

On Friday South Kesteven Amateur Radio Society has a club meeting. More information from Andrew, M0NRD, on 07969 062 859.

On Saturday Central Radio Amateur Circle is holding a shed work group meeting. Details from Martin Hallard, G1TYV, on 07948 027 994.

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