News for England South-West – 24 September 2023

| September 22, 2023

On Sundays, Appledore and District Amateur Radio Club has a net on 1.860MHz from 9.30am, followed by an SSB net on 144.260MHz at 10.30am. The club has weekday nets taking place from 4pm on 145.450MHz, except Wednesday when the net moves to 144.260MHz between 8 and 9pm. On Monday, there is a net via GB3DN at 11am. On Monday evening, the club will be meeting from 7.30pm. The club’s Friday nets take place from 11am via GB3DN and on 145.450MHz at 8pm. John, G3JKL

On Tuesday, Bath and District Amateur Radio Club will be having a net on 70.475MHz from 7.30pm. The club will be meeting on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Blackmore Vale Amateur Radio Society will be meeting at The New Remembrance Hall, Charlton, Shaftesbury from 7.30pm. On Wednesday, there will be club nets on 28.360MHz at 8pm, and on 70.425MHz at 9pm., visit the website for details.

On Tuesday, Bristol RSGB Group will be meeting to enjoy a talk by Paul, G4KHU entitled ‘Point to Point: A History of International Telecommunications during the Radio Years’. Paul Roberts, G0OER,

Join Callington and District Amateur Radio Society members for a chat on GB3JL from 8pm on Mondays. Guests and visitors to southeast Cornwall are always welcome at the Engine House Café every Wednesday from 1.30pm. The next club meeting will be held on Wednesday 4 October. For more information, please visit the website Peter, G8BCG on 07801 413 241 for more details.

Today, 24 September, the Cornish Radio Amateur Club is active for Railways on the Air from Moseley Heritage Museum in Redruth. For more information, please contact Bill, M0NXF.

On Sundays and Wednesdays, Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society has club nights from 7pm. The Society holds a Morse Academy every Thursday night from 7pm. Also on Thursdays, there are nets on 70.400MHz from 7pm, and on 145.375MHz from 8pm. Sue,

Guernsey Amateur Radio Society has a net on Tuesday from 8pm on 145.525MHz. The DMR repeater is currently off-air until a new location can be found. On Friday, the club meets at the Bunker, Beau Sejour Leisure Centre from 7.30pm. Everyone is welcome. Phil, GU0SUP, 07781 151 747

On Monday, Holsworthy Amateur Radio Club will be holding a net via the GB3DN repeater from 7.30pm. All amateurs are invited to join in. Ken G7VJA

On Tuesdays, Isle of Avalon Amateur Radio Club has a net on 433.475MHz from 8pm. The net moves to 145.475MHz on Wednesdays from 8pm. A 10m net on 28.405MHz is held on Thursdays from 8pm. The club meets on Fridays at Ivor’s Paddock from 6pm. Matt, 2E0FNT, 0730 554 9614

The Jersey Amateur Radio Society clubroom is now open on Friday evenings from 8pm. An old footpath has been reinstated to gain access from the Meteorological Radar Tower to Mast B. Please be very careful as the ground is uneven. You will need a torch if it is dark. Mike, GJ0PDJ on 07797 718390

Newquay and District Amateur Radio Society meets at Trevisker Saint Eval Community Centre, 750 Orion Drive, Wadebridge at 7pm on the second Wednesday of each month. Visit the website to find out more.

On Saturday, Mid Somerset Amateur Radio Club will be meeting at The Quarter Jack in Wells from 2pm. Chris Lavis, G6HIQ,

On Sundays, Poole Radio Society has a net around 28.375MHz using SSB from 10am. On Mondays there is a net on 145.375MHz at 8pm. The net moves to 70.375MHz at 7pm on Tuesdays. On Fridays there is a Zoom meeting at 7.30pm.

The Radio Operators Cornwall South West Operators Net is held at 7.30pm via GB3NC on the first Thursday of each month. There are simplex nets on 145.425MHz FM at 7.30pm on all other Thursdays in the month. All are welcome to join in. Visit the website for details.

On Sundays, Riviera Amateur Radio Club has nets on 29.150MHz FM from 11am, 51.490MHz from 11.30am and via GB7TQ or C4FM from 8pm. On Wednesdays there are nets on 70.475MHz from 7.20pm, and on 145.245MHz from 8pm.

Saltash and District Amateur Radio Club has a net on Wednesday via GB3PL from 7.30pm. Mark Chanter, M0WMB, 07810 548 445

On Friday, North Bristol Amateur Radio Club has a free quiz night with prizes. Non-members are very welcome to join in the fun. The event will be held at The Page Community Centre, Staple Hill, BS16 4NE. For more information contact Dave, G7BYN on 07533 933 831.

On Wednesday, Taunton and District Amateur Radio Club will be having a net on 145.400MHz from 7.30pm. The club’s CW WhatsApp group also meets on Wednesday at either 6.45pm or 8pm.

Thornbury and South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club meets every Wednesday from 7.30pm at The Chantry, Thornbury. Daily Nets are held at 10.30am on GB3ZB and on Friday evening at 8pm on 145.450MHz. If you have an interest in amateur radio, you are welcome to visit the club and join in with its nets. or contact Terry M0TJX via

On Sundays, Torbay Amateur Radio Society has nets on 14.270MHz at 9.30am and 145.575MHz at 12pm. On Monday, there are nets on 3.663MHz at 10.30am, 1.982MHz at 8pm and 50.155MHz at 8.30pm. Tuesday sees the club meeting at 7.30pm, followed by a net on 3.663MHz from 9.15pm. On Wednesday, the Society has nets on 14.270MHz from 9.30am and on 3.663MHz from 10.30am. The Society will be meeting on Friday from 7.30pm. The 3.663MHz net will continue at 10am on Saturday.

Today, 24 September, Weston super Mare Radio Society is holding its 8th Radio and Electronics Rally at the Campus Community Centre, Worle. For more information email or visit the website

On Thursday, Yeovil Amateur Radio Club is having an ‘open evening’ at Abbey Manor Community Centre, Yeovil.

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