England South West 14 July 2013

| July 12, 2013

We start with clubs that have several events this week. Poole Radio Society is having a day in the park today. On Friday there’s an activity night, and next Sunday it’s Amateur Radio in the Country. More info from Bill Coombes, G4ERV, by email to secretary@g4prs.org.uk.

Appledore and District Amateur Radio Club is holding a Bring and Buy on Monday. The club operates the following nets on VHF and HF: The Zepp Net is on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 1600 on 145.450MHz. Wednesday via GB3DN, 1600 local time. The HF net is on Friday at 1600 local time on 7.185MHz ± QRM. Contact Brian Jewell, M0BRB, on 01237 473 251 for more information.

Exeter Amateur Radio Society Club has its HF net from 7.45pm on Monday on 3.675MHz. The Tuesday 2m net is on 145.575MHz at 7.45pm. Contact Nick, M0NRJ, on 01363 775 756.

Riviera Amateur Radio Club is putting MX0RIV on the air on Tuesday. The club net is on Wednesday from 8pm on 145.425MHz. Contact Alan Wyatt, G2DXU, by email to rivieraarc@gmail.com.

Now we return to the traditional listing in date order. On Wednesday Thornbury and South Gloucestershire Amateur Radio Club is visiting the Bristol University Workshops, hosted by John, M0HFH. Contact John Rowden, M0HFH, on 07743 697 063.

On Thursday South Bristol Amateur Radio Club is holding a committee meeting. Details from Andrew Jenner, G7KNA, on 07838 695 471.

On Thursday Swindon and District Amateur Radio Club is having an activity night. Contact Den, M0ACM, on 07810 317 750.

On Sunday Flight Refuelling Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on the electrical linesman’s job by Alan, M0VLT. Contact John, G4POF, by email to g4pof@hotmail.com.

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