England South East – 21 April 2013

| April 19, 2013

Today, Sunday 21 April, East Kent Radio Society will be attending the Kempton Park Radio Rally. On Monday there is a Cheese and Wine evening at the Mill. Details from Karl Davies, M1DFM, on 01227 710 120.

Today, Sunday 21, April Radio Society of Harrow is at Old Redding operating GX3EFX/P. On Friday the club has part 2 of the talk on 40 Years at the BBC. More information from Linda, G7RJL, on 02083 868 586.

On Monday 22 April Farnborough & District Radio Society has an 80m slow speed CW session on 3.57MHz from 1pm and a Top Band net on 1.995MHz at 8pm. On Wednesday there is a skittles evening at 7pm in the Jolly Farmer at Blacknest, to which all members and partners welcome. On Friday there is a 2m net on 144.675MHz at 8pm. More information from Neville, G4SPD, on 01252 404 816.

On Thursday 25 April Horsham Amateur Radio Club has a social in The Parrot at Forest Green. Next weekend from Friday 26th to Sunday 28th there is a trip to Chemin de Fer, Baie de Somme. Details from Alister, G3ZBU, on 01932 242 243.

On Thursday 25 April Reading & District Amateur Radio Club has a talk on The Blue Van, TV for the Amateur by Tony, G1HBD. On Saturday the club is running the Intermediate course. Details from Pete, G8FRC, on 01189 695 697.

On Monday 22 April Maidstone YMCA Amateur Radio Society has a club meeting. Details from Ian Hope, 2E0IJH, by email to info@g3trf.org.

On Monday Surrey Radio Contact Club has an informal chat, move-it-on and fix-it evening led by John, G8MNY plus the Club Construction Project. Contact John, G3MCX, on 02086 883 322.

On Tuesday 23 April Brede Steam Amateur Radio Society is at the shack. For more information contact Steve, on 01424 720 815.

On Tuesday Dorking & District Radio Society has a visit to Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd with Prof Sir Martin Sweeting, G3YJO. Contact Garth, G3NPC, on 01737 359 472.

On Tuesday Harwell Amateur Radio Society is having a shack activity night. Details from Malcolm, G8NRP, on 01235 524 844.

On Tuesday Stevenage & District Amateur Radio Society has an operating evening. Contact Martin Juhe, M0XJP, on 07973 793 770.

On Wednesday 24 April Chesham & District Amateur Radio Society is having a talk on operating in the VHF Contest & UK Activity Contest by Roger, G3MEH. More details from Terry, G0VFW, on 01442 831 491.

On Wednesday 24 April Darenth Valley Radio Society has a Fox Hunt and anyone is welcome to join in. More information from Bob, M0RAW, on 01322 663 804.

On Wednesday Dover Radio Club has a talk on Whisper by Matt, M1CMN. Details from Pete, M0PKH, by email to peter.halloway@sky.com.

On Wednesday Newbury & District Amateur Radio Society has a presentation by Charles, G4JQX on making use of modern military surplus equipment. Contact Rob, G4LMW, on 01635 862 737.

On Wednesday Norfolk Amateur Radio Club has an informal meeting with the club room and workshop open. Details from Chris Danby, G0DWV, on 01603 898 678.

On Wednesday Worthing & District Amateur Radio Club has an on the air evening. Contact John, G8FMJ, on 01273 593 232.

On Thursday 25 April Bittern DX Group Club has a meeting at The Roman Camp Inn, Aylmerton. Details from Linda, G0AJJ, on 01692 218 562.

On Thursday Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society has a talk and demo on RADAR by John, G6SXC. More information from Charles, G4VSZ, on 07982 244 788.

On Thursday Edgware & District Radio Society has a talk on ion mobility spectrometry by John, G4GYS. More information from Mike, G4RNW, on 02089 500 658.

On Thursday Hilderstone Radio and Electronics Club has a talk by Dr Ken Smith, G3JIX on The First QSO. More details from Chrissie Turner, by email to hilderstoneclub@gmail.com.

On Thursday Shefford & District Amateur Radio Society has its spring junk sale. Details from John Burnett, 2E0OAK, on 07860 804 793.

On Friday 26 April Cambridge & District Amateur Radio Club has a talk on Duxford, 1917 to the present day by Peter Murton from the Imperial War Museum, Duxford. Details from David, M0ZEB, on 01353 778 093.

On Friday Fort Purbrook Amateur Radio Club has an operating night to practice for G100RSGB. Details from Neil Hoare, M0NEH, on 02392 378 559.

On Friday 26 April Mid-Sussex Amateur Radio Society has a workshop evening. Details from Mike Mundy, G1TDL, on 01444 246 899.

On Friday Wimbledon & District Amateur Radio Society has a talk on electrical safety. Contact Andrew Maish, G4ADM, on 02083 353 434.

On Saturday 27 April Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society is running a demonstration station for the public open day at Sandford Mill Radio Museum. Contact Martyn, G1EFL, on 01245 469 008.

On Sunday 28 April Coalhouse Fort Amateur Radio Society will put GB1CHF on the air 11am to 5pm for History Day. Details from Tony Reynard, G7HJT, on 07976 553 345.

On Sunday 28 April Lowestoft & District PYE Amateur Radio Club has a club night at the shack. Details from Tim Ward, 2E0TJW, on 07810 481 182.

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