Special “/2ZE” suffix authorised to mark the Centenary of Paul Godley’s work

The Crocodile Rock Amateur Group (CRAG) based near Ardrossan in Scotland are heading up the Scottish celebrations of the Centenary of the successful reception of the first personal message across the atlantic by amateur radio, by Paul Godley on the morning of 12 December 1921. Mr Godley, whose US callsign was 2ZE, came to the UK as the representative of the ARRL for the Second Transatlantic Tests held from 8 to 17 December 1921.

During negotiation with Ofcom for the special callsign GB1002ZE, CRAG also received from them the invitation that “any radio amateur in the UK or Crown Dependencies may participate in these celebrations by adding the suffix “/2ZE” to their station’s normal callsign.” This will apply from 1 to 26 December 2021 and does not require any individual authorisation from Ofcom.

Copyright Bruce Littlefield, used with their kind permission

The RSGB encourages UK amateurs to take advantage of the opportunity to use this special suffix. A good number of UK stations have been operating using the “/2ZE” suffix.