Technical Dinner

RSGB Convention 2014

Following the success in 2013 we are again hosting the Technical Dinner. The Technical Dinner is expected to be a quieter more relaxed affair where guests will have the opportunity to relax over the same meal etc as the Gala dinner making this the ideal place to be and meet old friends and while away a pleasant evening. Three courses with wine and juice followed by coffee concluded by an Technical after dinner speech.

After Dinner Speaker
The RSGB are pleased to announce that the Technical Dinner speaker will be Brian Justin, WA1ZMS.

The Technical Dinner talk will be “A look back at the First Century of Amateur Radio and More”. Topics covered will include but not be limited to:

  • The early days of wireless history with a focus on key UK and EU contributors
  • The advancements made during WW1
  • The birth of the short waves that we now know as our HF bands
  • Advancements and progression of operating modes will be reviewed covering spark
  • Early AM
  • 1950s SSB
  • An update of digital modes (aka: machine generated modes or MGM) starting with RTTY up to today’s WSJT & PI4 modes.

All of these modes will be reviewed in an historical context as to first bands they were used on and how they have taken our fine hobby to where we are today after extension to even more bands.



The RSGB Convention, generously sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons