RSGB Convention Exhibitions

RSGB Convention 2014


The RSGB Convention 2014 will contain a number of exhibitions, these include

Working display of vintage transceivers
On Saturday from 9am until 1pm, Keith G3VKW, Chris GM3WOJ and Fred G4BWP will have a number of vintage transceivers on display, dating from the 1960s, 1970s and early 1980s. These will be connected to a receive antenna, so older visitors can relive the experience of listening on one of these radios which they may have owned in the past, while younger visitors can also share that experience. There will be radios manufactured by KW Electronics, Collins, Swan, Hallicrafters, etc. Fred is bringing a very rare ‘Anglian 1000’ transceiver (manufactured in Suffolk in the 1960s with the transmitter rated at 1000W PEP input) and we will be joined by the designer of the KW Atlanta transceiver.

The RSGB Amateur Radio Direction Finding  Team will be presenting photos and information about the ARDF World Championships held in Kazakhstan earlier in September.  PCBs, programmed PICs and other items intended for Clubs who wish to equip themselves for DF competitions, will be on sale.

The Chiltern DX Club is a major UK Amateur Radio organisation that specifically caters for HF DX enthusiasts with its’ members sharing a common interest in HF DX and contesting, drawn together by their shared values of high standards of operating and DX’ing skills. Members include the majority of the UK’s top DXers and contesters, plus an increasingly large international membership. Characterised by a supportive and encouraging approach to all members, CDXC is an influential organisation which develops and enriches the world of HF amateur radio for its members and DXers worldwide.

The UK Six Metre Group is the largest organisation in the world dedicated to promoting and supporting operation on 50MHz.  Our mission here at the Convention is to convince you that just because the solar maximum has been a poor one doesn’t mean that 50MHz is dead, far from it!  Activity on Six is higher now than it has ever been and much intercontinental DX is being worked, in fact earlier this year the first-ever terrestrial contact was made between the UK and New Zealand.  Come and see us if you want to know more and we’ll also be holding our AGM at the Convention at lunchtime on Saturday, non-members welcome.

Amateur Radio Astronomy
There will be a display of amateur radio astronomy equipment.

RSGB Book Shop
There will be a display of amateur radio and special interest books from the RSGB and other publishers, which will be available for purchase.

Martin Lynch & Sons
ML&S will be displaying a large number of radios and radio related equipment which will be available for purchase.

will be displaying their latest radios

will be displaying their latest radios

will be displaying their latest radios


The RSGB Convention, generously sponsored by Martin Lynch & Sons