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RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way

RadCom Basics, No. 13, September 2019

Key iconIn this edition…

  • Welcome to the latest edition from Lee, G4EJB, RadCom Basics editor
    With feedback from readers and further work on your recommendations; looking at the RSGB Awards especially for radio amateurs with Foundation and Intermediate licences
  • How and why the HF bands come alive in autumn
    A few basic concepts are briefly discussed with plenty of references to articles and videos to help your understanding of seasonal propagation changes
  • Using digital repeaters
    In this edition, a look at digital repeaters; there’s a brief look at the three main digital modes used at VHF and UHF; again there’s the comprehensive RSGB ukrepeaters web pages for repeater details and coverage; and to help you further with all three modes, there are numerous YouTube video and channel links.
  • Moving up
    You have your Foundation licence, well done; Now take a look at what you could do with an Intermediate or even a Full licence; there are training and examination facilities run by radio clubs throughout the UK and some updated books to assist you to move up
  • Glossary of terms
    A list of abbreviations, acronyms, jargon and technical terms from previous editions of RadCom Basics


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