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RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way

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  • Welcome to the latest edition by Lee, G4EJB, Editor
    In this edition—help with the basics—overcoming problems we can all find ourselves with, practical ways to test and more help with construction; and a brief look at the very successful NHS and RSGB Get on the Air to Care campaign, the media coverage received and further developments
  • Hints and tips
    Here’s a chance to put together hints and tips to help the newcomer. I’ve started off this column this time, but what can you add to it? What do you think would help the most? For every hint and tip published, there will be a small remuneration.
  • Interference
    The amount of electrical noise today, particularly in built-up areas, can really put off some newcomers and has curtailed HF radio for others. What can you do if you’re suffering from some form of radio frequency interference?
  • Using a multimeter
    A multimeter is probably the most basic of tools we can use in our hobby. You may already have one, but would like to make more use of it; or are looking to buy one, but not sure what’s best
  • Making metal boxes: part two
    Following on from Bob Crowe, VK6CG’s article in the last edition, here’s the second part of his article published back in RadCom, August 2010. Bob provides further detail on how to master more of the basic skills required.
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