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RadCom Basics is a bi-monthly digital publication that explores key aspects of amateur radio in a straightforward and accessible way

A new look for RadCom Basics and a free edition!

Welcome to the new look RadCom Basics—we hope you enjoy the new magazine format

RadCom Basics is now available in our HTML5 flipbook viewer for the first time ever, and the PDF version is now available as a single file download. To give all our visitors a chance to see what the magazine offers, we are offering May 2022’s edition to all readers free of charge—just tap or click the cover image or PDF download link to read, no Membership Services login required.

In the May 2022 edition…

  • 4 Working portable this summer
    James Stevens, M0JCQ has updated this topic and encourages us all to get outdoors and, work portable this summer with some great advice on how to get started.
  • 10 With a tight budget – where do I start?
    I had all types of plans for the new station when we moved to our new location last year. Reality kicked in quite quickly and with a tight budget, I had to get inventive. This mini-series may help you get started or overcome a few issues with a radio station, particularly now.
  • 16 Why do you need to use a balun?
    The topic receives a lot of coverage rightfully so. I look back to the seventies when I experienced all types of TVI and EMC issues thinking, ‘If only I’d taken heed or received some of the practical training available these days, things may have been better!’ So, have a read, it could help you.
  • 22 VHF antenna choices for the home – a primer
    James Stevens, M0JCQ gives a good basic insight into VHF antenna options and explains some of the technicalities to help you with the bewildering choices available.
  • 28 Index of RadCom Basics articles, editions 1 to 28
    Provides you with an up-to-date reference to all RadCom Basics articles



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