Membership Services portal offline for maintenance

A system upgrade is in progress and the Membership Services portal will be unavailable until 15.15

We apologize for any inconvenience during this essential work, which will improve the Membership Services experience for all users

You may still access Membership Services and the portal through the online resources links and the portal’s direct URL but we strongly recommend you don’t do so while work is going on as systems won’t behave as normal and you may get unpredictable results or broken links.

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For updates on how the upgrade is progressing, see this news post which is being updated as the work progresses

Please don’t contact the RSGB IT Helpdesk with any Membership Services-related issues during the work. Instead wait till we’re finished and then see if the issue has gone away. If the issue is still there after work completes, then please do report it as normal at

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience, it’s most appreciated