NoV to the Amateur Radio licence

| March 13, 2015

Ofcom building and logoFollowing the recent notification sent to licensees of the proposal to vary the Amateur Radio Licence, Ofcom has now published a Notice of Variation to the Amateur Radio licence.

The new licence document, which will have effect from 7 April 2015 has also been published on the Ofcom website.

Licensees who received a notification dated 30 January 2015 are not covered by this. Their licences will be the subject of a separate Notice, which Ofcom will publish in the course of the next couple of weeks.

The RSGB is informed that Ofcom shall send new licences to all the above licensees in the week of 23 March. Where Ofcom have an email address—about 60,000 licensees—the licence will go by e-mail. In other cases, licences will be posted. If new licences have not been received by 14 April please contact Ofcom at or via the online licensing system.

Finally, there will be a separate exercise to vary the licences of those who have received a new licence since 17 December 2014. It will not be possible to conclude that last variation before 7 April. If uncertain, licensees must observe the Ts and Cs of the licence that they hold.

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