Website download file information change

| November 27, 2023

From now on, we are no longer displaying file size information for downloadable files on the website

You will be used to seeing a format like this – File Download (4-page/150KB PDF)

This practice dates from a time when dial-up or very slow broadband connections were commonplace, and it was necessary to warn users before they initiated a download that may have taken a long time to complete.

In view of the fact that Ofcom stats show that 99.7 percent of UK homes have access to internet speeds of 10Mbps or above, download file size info is largely redundant and now just impairs the readability of the page.

So, while we will continue to let you know when a link is a download—by including the file type in brackets—the previous details about document length and file size will no longer be included.


Category: Front Page News, RSGB Notices