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Band Plan Changes from 1 Jan 2018

| January 15, 2018

The RSGB has just announced an updating of the Band Plans from 1 Jan 2018. Tutors and students should note that the Band Plans used for examination purposes will NOT be changing. Examination questions will continue to be based on the band plans shown within the Exam Reference Data booklets EX 307, EX308 or EX […]

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Online Advanced Examinations

| February 3, 2017

Further to December’s announcement regarding online Advanced exams a new document Online Advanced Exams is now available to download. The document includes more detail regarding timing of the pilot phase of the project and also includes an FAQ section which hopefully answers most of the questions exam secretaries and candidates are likely to raise. For […]

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New Examination Standards Chairman

| October 28, 2016

The Examinations Standards Committee (ESC), oversees all aspects of the amateur radio examinations. Dave Powis, G4HUP has been appointed to take over the role when Professor Simon Watts, G3XXH retires at the end of this year. The ESC develops and publishes all procedures and policies for the administration of examinations and is tasked with the development […]

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Training and examination information

| July 27, 2016

Three documents relating to training and examinations have been published on the RSGB website. An examinations announcement relating to the recent IARU Bandplan changes is available from The latest edition of the Tutors’ Newsletter is available from

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IARU Band Plan Changes from 1 June 2016

| July 26, 2016

The RSGB recently announced the Band Plans issued by IARU Region 1 have changed as of 1 June 2016. The Band Plans used for examination purposes will NOT be changing. Examination questions will be based on EX 307, EX 308 or EX 309 all dated October 2015 as appropriate to the examination level concerned. There […]

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