Training and Education Committee

The Training and Education Committee was formed in April 2012 and took over many of the roles of the former Amateur Radio Development Committee.


The role of this Committee is to:

  • Work with the Radio Communication Foundation ( RCF ) in consideration of how the training structure is working and how it might be improved.
  • Represent the RSGB at the RCF’s Examinations and Standards Committees.
  • Consider how training might be extended to provide additional member benefits; “Continuing Amateur Development” or “After Advanced / After the Exam” “ updated Morse competency certification”
  • Investigate, with the RCF, different ways for training to be provided, including possible extension of distance learning and internet-based technologies.
  • Develop mentoring within the hobby to aid progression and as a form of personal development.
  • Support the tutors with core training resources, such as a revamped “Train the Trainers” scheme, training guide and Training resources. Maintain a yahoo group for tutors. (  If you are an amateur radio club, tutor, assessor or have any part in licence training, we would like you to join the Tutors group. Its an important place to get support, support others and receive training and educational updates. link at bottom of the page. )
  • Make recommendations and take action on any other training or education related issues.
  • Organise the UK participation in IARU Youngsters on the air and organise YOTA events in the UK.

Committee details :-

The Committee is chaired by Philip Willis, M0PHI.

RSGB Director Alan Messenger G0TLK  is our link on the RSGB Board.

Committee members are experienced and dedicated people who work in small project teams to deliver the various Committee roles, linked to RSGB Operational Objectives. Progress is reported to the RSGB Board twice each year and an annual report is published in RadCom in advance of the AGM. All Committee Members have signed up to the RSGB Code of Conduct and RSGB Ethos.


Committee Members :-


M0PHI, Philip Willis ( )

Deputy chairman



Project Leaders

G0TLK, Alan Messenger   (   )

GM1CNH, Norman Stewart

G4DCV, Paul Whatton      (  )

Project Team support

M5ATR, Tracey Ralph

2E0FGQ, Nick Bennett

G1BCZ, Bob Williams

G4CLI, Dr David Sadler-Lockwood    (   )

2E0MLJ,  Mike Jones                            ( )

G5FM,  Martin Wheeler

G1TKX,  Tony Howard

G3JKX,  Micheal Street

G6MXL     Colin Redwood

G7LFC       Derek Hughes

G8SEQ      John Beech

GM0KZX  Barrie Spink    (  )

M0OBW   Dave Wilson    ( )

MI5MTC   Michael Clarke   ( )

M0NSA     Graeme Bragg

M0MBD David De La Haye


Current Projects :-

Examination Workshops

  • Project Leader : Murray Niman G6JYB
  • Team :


  • Project Leader : Alan Messenger ( G0TLK )
  • Team : Martin Wheeler ( G5FM )


  • Project Leader : Steve Hartley ( G0FUW)
  • Team : Nick Bennett ( 2E0FGQ )


  • Project Leader : Vacancy
  • Team :


  • Project Leader : Norman Stewart ( GM1CNH )
  • Team : TEC and RCF members


  • Project Leader : Paul Whatton ( G4DCV )
  • Team : Derek Hughes G7LFC, David Evans G0EVA


  • Project Leader : Patrick Kirk ( M0ZPK )
  • Team :


  • Project Leader : Steve Hartley ( G0FUW)
  • Team : Mike Jones ( 2E0MLJ )

If you have questions about amateur radio training and education, or the workings of the Training and Education Committee. You can contact the Committee via the Chair; email

Links and Extra information :-

RCF web :

Training resources :

RSGB Tutors Group :


TX Factor, YOTA interview :