Approved Morse Assessors

Assessing a testA master list of Approved Assessors and the speed of tests they are authorized to conduct will be maintained by Regional Managers for their respective areas. Approved Assessors may conduct tests to the next level down to which they are authorized i.e. a 12 wpm approval would allow an Assessor to conduct a 5 wpm test.

To become an Approved Assessor, applicants must apply to their Regional Manager using a form which can be downloaded from the RSGB website . The form will require evidence or statements of Morse code operation at the speed the applicant wishes to be approved for testing, not only in contest mode but also conversational mode for several minutes. Proof will also be required that a Morse certificate (issued by a recognised authority i.e. Post Office Maritime Radio Services or the RSGB) is held by the applicant. The form will require references from two other people who also hold a Morse certificate to support and confirm statements made by the applicant.

Additionally, anyone who has previously undertaken Morse testing on behalf of Post Office Maritime Radio Services or the RSGB and can provide evidence to that effect, can apply (solely on these grounds) to their Regional Manager to become an Approved Assessor.

Approved assessors by RSGB region

If your region is not listed, it does not currently have any assessors.

Region 1

  • Ray Evens, GM0CDV in Kelso – up to 12 wpm
  • Derrick Dance, GM4CXP in Kelso – up to 15 wpm
  • Dick Hodge GM4PPT, Coylton Nr Ayr – Up to 15 wpm
  • Douglas Panton MM0MPA, Polmont – Up to 25 wpm

Region 2

  • William Cecil, GM3KHH in Moray – up to 25 wpm
  • Bernie Macintosh, GM4WZG in Dalgetty Bay, Fife – up to 25 wpm
  • James Mackinnon, GM4EKC in Aberdeen – up to 30 wpm
  • Norman Mackenzie, GM3WIJ in Aberdeen – up to 25 wpm
  • Thomas Brown, MM0TGB in Kirkcaldy, Fife – up to 30 wpm

Region 3

  • Albert Heyes, G3ZHE in Warrington – up to 20 wpm
  • Colwyn Baillie-Searle, GD4EIP in Isle of Man – up to 25 wpm
  • James France, G3KAF in Stockport – up to 30 wpm
  • Brian Gale, G3UJE in Cheshire – up to 30 wpm
  • Ken Randall, G3RFH in Thornton Clevelys – up to 30 wpm

Region 4

  • Malcolm Brass, G4YMB in Guisborough – up to 12 wpm
  • Michael Taylor, G3WTA in Shieldfield, Newcastle upon Tyne – up to 30 wpm
  • David Jackson, G4HYY in Withernsea – up to 15 wpm
  • Terry Bucknell, G4AFS in Bingley, West Yorkshire – up to 40 wpm

Region 5

  • Martyn Vincent, G3UKV (Telford, Shropshire) – up to 25 wpm
  • Eric Arkinstall, M0KZB (Shrewsbury, Shropshire) – up to 20 wpm
  • Iain Kelly, M0PCB (Cheltenham, Gloucestershire) – up to 20 wpm
  • Martin Hallard, M0AJN (Stourbridge, West Midlands) – up to 12 wpm

Region 6

  • Anthony Allen Chalk, MW0BXJ (Colwyn Bay, Conwy) – up to 20 wpm

Region 7

  • Robert Evans MW0CVT – 20+ wpm
  • George Bodley MW0RZC – up to 20 wpm
  • David Mead MW0MWL – up to 20 wpm
  • Curtis Burke MW0USK up to 12 wpm

Region 9

  • Bob Leask, G3XNG – up to 30 wpm

Region 10

  • Mick Puttick G3LIK – 25 wpm
  • Ray Ezra G3KOJ – 25 wpm

Region 12

  • Malcolm Prestwood, G3PDH in Norwich – up to 30 wpm
  • John Francis Bonner, G0GKP in Cambridge – up to 15 wpm
  • Bob Leask, G3XNG – up to 30 wpm
  • Andrew Kersey, G0IBN in Maldon, Essex – up to 35 wpm
  • Dr Malc Williams, G0EGA in Halesworth, Suffolk – up to 20 wpm.

Region 13

  • Martin Farmer, M0MDF in Lincoln – up to 20 wpm
  • Peter Kendall, M0EJL in Lincoln – up to 12 wpm
  • James Nichol, G0EUN in Lincoln – up to 12 wpm
  • Ian Fulton, G4XFC in Lincoln – up to 20 wpm
  • Robert Topliss, G0OTH in S.Lincolnshire (Skegness) – up to 12 wpm
  • Anthony Freeman, M0HAZ in S.Lincolnshire (Boston Area) – up to 20 wpm
  • Roy Fretsome, G4WPW in N.Nottinghamshire – up to 20 wpm
  • Harry Hall, G4ZRL in N.Nottinghamshire – up to 20 wpm
  • Ken Francom, G3OCA in S Derbyshire – up to 30 wpm