This page gives you information on how to apply for your RAYNET photo ID card.

All applications must come via the group secretary and not the individual group member. Identity cards will then be issued against the group member list held at Abbey Court. If the applicants name supplied by the group secretary is not on the member list then a card cannot be issued.

It is therefore, important that your group secretaries keep Abbey Court informed of any changes to the members’ listings.

Your group secretary will need to provide us with the individual’s name, address, and telephone number, email address, passport style photograph and also date of birth. The insurers have asked for names and dates of births for all those concerned by the personal accident insurance.

The photograph will need to be in the format of a jpeg and will need to be of minimum size, no greater than 500KB. The photograph will need to be a passport style photograph; by this we mean a clear headshot with a plain back ground. Photos that are not passport style will be returned.

The photograph file names should be the callsign, first and last name of the individual. If the individual does not have a callsign you must enter their full name only.

Please email all applications, with spreadsheet and photo attached, to raynetidrsgb.org.uk

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.