DX News – 24 September 2017

| September 22, 2017

Hal, JR4OZR will be active as A35W from Tongatapu, IOTA reference OC-049, Tonga until 26 September. He will operate RTTY and FT8, and will participate in the CQ WW DX RTTY Contest. QSL via JJ2VLY and Logbook of The World or logsearch on Club Log. JA3KIO as T88XA and JA3JND as T88ON will be active […]

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DX News – 17 September 2017

| September 15, 2017

David, G4NRT will be on the air as Z21NRT in Zimbabwe until 29 September. He will be on the 80 to 6m bands using SSB, CW and digital. QSL to his home call sign. E6AG will be operating until 25 September on the island of Niue, IOTA reference OC-040. It will be holiday-style and QSLs […]

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DX News – 10 September 2017

| September 8, 2017

The 7163 Group will be active as HD8M from Isabela Island in the Galapagos, IOTA reference SA-004, between 14 and 21 September. Activity is planned for the 160 to six metre bands using CW, SSB and digital modes, primarily FT8. QSL via ClubLog OQRS, direct to WB2REM with an SASE or via the bureau through […]

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DX News – 3 September 2017

| September 1, 2017

Doug, W6HB will make a return trip to Rarotonga in the South Cook Islands, IOTA reference OC-013, until the 8th of September. This is mainly a holiday but he will get back on the air with his E51DLD callsign. Operation will be on the 10 to 160m bands using SSB. QSL to his home callsign. […]

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DX News – 27 August 2017

| August 25, 2017

Prefix hunters may be interested in the special event station ZY158CAT that is active from Brazil until the 30th of August. The station commemorates 158 years of the city of Catalao in the state of Goias. The QSL manager is PP2BO. Peter, GW4UWD will be on the air as 9A/GW4UWD/P from Zlarin Island, IOTA reference […]

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DX News – 20 August 2017

| August 18, 2017

The great Solar Eclipse QSO Party mentioned earlier is sure to bring some interesting DX, if only because of the sheer number of stations expected to be experimenting with the anomalous propagation conditions. Listen out for them on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 and 6m. Other bands are not being used. If you’re quick, […]

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