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Contest News – 7 February 2016

| February 5, 2016

Today, the 7th, the 432MHz AFS contest takes place from 0900 to 1300UTC. Using all modes in the 70cm band, the exchange is RST, serial number and locator. This is the final event in the 2015-2016 Super League series so it’s your last chance to top up your points. On Tuesday the 432MHz UK Activity […]

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Contest News – 31 January 2016

| January 29, 2016

The CQ World Wide 160m DX CW contest comes to a close tonight, having run for 48 hours from 10pm on Friday the 29th. Exchange a signal report and your CQ Zone, which is 14 for the UK. American and Canadian stations will send their State/Province code. The 2016 series of 80m Club Championship contests […]

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Contest News – 24 January 2016

| January 22, 2016

The first UK/EI DX CW contest of the year ends its 24 hours run at 12 noon today, the 24th. It is CW-only on the five contest bands from 80 to 10 metres. There are multi-op and single-op categories and the exchange is a serial and your district code. You’ll need to know your own […]

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Contest News – 17 January 2016

| January 15, 2016

The RSGB Board is seeking chairpersons for the new VHF Contest Committee, HF Contest Committee and Contest Support Committee. Applicants must be experienced contesters with a commitment to jointly drive a successful RSGB contesting programme. More information is contained in the February edition of RadCom. Further details can be obtained from the RSGB General Manager […]

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Contest News – 10 January 2016

| January 8, 2016

On Sunday, the 10th, the CW AFS takes place from 1400 to 1800UTC. Using the 3.5 and 7MHz bands the exchange is signal report and serial number. On Tuesday the 432MHz UK Activity Contest takes place from 2000 to 2230UTC. Using all modes, the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. Next weekend, on […]

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Contest News – 27 December 2015

| December 23, 2015

The Marathon from the UK Six Metre Group ends on 31 January. There is no contest exchange, however the normal QSO data must be recorded. The scoring is one point per unique four digit locator worked. Logs are submitted via the UKSMG website in ADIF format. The Christmas Cumulatives end on Tuesday, the 29th. Activity […]

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