RSSGB2RS Contest News

Contest News – 29 November 2015

| November 27, 2015

The biggest contest is the CW Worldwide DX CW contest, which ends its 48 hour run on Sunday, the 29th, at 2359UTC. Using the bands 1.8 to 28MHz the exchange is your signal report and CQ zone. For the UK the zone is 14. On Tuesday the 144MHz UK Activity Contest runs from 2000 to […]

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Contest News – 22 November 2015

| November 20, 2015

The final session of this year’s UK Microwave Group Low Band Contest using the 1.3, 2.3 and 3.4GHz bands is on Sunday, the 22nd. It’s shorter in duration than the others in the series, because the organisers want portables to be able to pack up and vacate remote hilltop sites before it gets dark. Running […]

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Contest News – 15 November 2015

| November 13, 2015

The WAE DX RTTY contest ends its 48 hour run at 2359 on the 15th. It’s the last of this year’s WAE series. Unlike the CW and SSB WAE contests held in August and September, in the RTTY WAE contest every one can work every one. Remember that QTCs or reports of previously conducted contest […]

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Contest News – 8 November 2015

| November 6, 2015

The International Police Association Radio Club organises the IPARC Contest, which takes place on 7 and 8 November. It’s SSB on the 8th from 0600 to 1000UTC and 1400 to 1800UTC, the same times as the CW section the previous day. The exchange is signal report and serial number for the mode you are working. […]

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Contest News – 1 November 2015

| October 30, 2015

On Tuesday the 144MHz UK Activity Contest takes place from 2000 to 2230UTC. Using all modes on the band the exchange is signal report, serial number and locator. Wednesday sees the UK EI CC take place from 2000 to 2100UTC. This is the SSB leg using the 80m band. The exchange is your four letter […]

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Contest News – 25 October 2015

| October 23, 2015

As noted earlier, the SSB leg of the CQWW DX Contest ends its 48 hour run at 2359 today, the 25th. This is an event that will undoubtedly attract a huge level of participation. Exchange a signal report and CQ Zone number, which is 14 for the UK. Expect some exotic callsigns and rarely heard […]

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