Scotland South and Western Isles

This region covers an extensive area of Scotland ranging from the Western Isles south to the Scottish Borders. The RSGB has divided the UK into Regions. Each Region is then divided into Districts. Region 1 has six districts:

District 11 – Vacant

District 12 – Vacant

District 13 – Vacant

District 14 – Glasgow, Dunbartonshire, Argyll & Bute, Western Isles

District 15 – Vacant

District 16 – Vacant

We are here to offer support to all Amateurs and members in particular.

We will endeavour to keep everyone informed of new developments within the RSGB and we will always ensure that feedback received from members is passed on to the board through the Regional Council and the Leadership Team.

We aim to maintain the standards of Amateur Radio, and the image of Amateur Radio presented to the general public.

For the hobby to thrive we will always need more people to take up Amateur Radio and become members of the Society.

For changes in club contact information, special events, problems with planning or EMC, please get in touch and we will ensure the information reaches the right place.

73 and good dx

Marcus Hazel-McGown, MM0ZIF, Regional Manager Region 1

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