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Am I a Dinosaur? – May 2016

| April 26, 2016

Geoff Stainton, G1MQQ Maybe you are, but the dinosaurs ruled the earth for a lot longer than we humans! Surely, what makes amateur radio unique is its autonomy. Once our communications rely on the availability of an internet connection provided by a third party ISP, or even a repeater whose operation or otherwise is outside […]

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Peer Review – December 2015

| November 16, 2015

Ray Howes, G4OWY With all due respect to Dr Kirkby (RadCom, October 2015), RadCom is not a professional technical journal. It is a hobbyist journal of the amateur kind. Now, I fully understand that some people within our hobby of amateur radio continually seek to professionalise it. G8WRB’s idea that all RadCom articles be ‘peer […]

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