Advance! The Full Licence Manual

| February 2, 2013

Adva_4thThis book is the third course-book in the RSGB series for those interested in obtaining an amateur radio licence.

In line with the progressive three-tier UK licence structure Advance! the Full Licence Manual completes the natural progression from Intermediate Licence: Building on the Foundation and Foundation Licence Now!

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Corrections, updates and additional information

The current Edition is the Third Edition which was first published in 2007 and updates to that are provided below.  These are being picked up as the book is reprinted but there are a number of print runs in use so it is worth checking your copy against the updates below.  We no longer support the previous editions.

We are currently shipping the 2015 printing of the 3rd edition which incorporates all the changes below.

Edition 3 updates

Changes made in the 2015 reprint:

Health England has replaced the Health Protection Agency and the document ‘Reference Levels for UK Amateur Radio Bands’ has been withdrawn in favour of the levels set by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). As of January 2015 the ICNIRP are revising their guidelines.

On page 16, column 3 The first full paragraph (In the UK…) should be deleted along with the mortar board symbol and the first sentence of the second paragraph (The lowest investigation…)

These should be replaced with:

‘Converting this figure, a Power Flux Density (PFD) to Field Strength (FS) is very difficult when in the near-field of an antenna where capacitive and inductive coupling effects occur alongside the ‘normal’ RF field. The human body reacts to all three modes of coupling energy into the body.

Health England has replaced the Health Protection Agency and provides RF advice for all the UK. Its advice is to follow the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) guidelines. The ICNIRP are currently re-evaluating their recommendations on safe exposure levels (as at December 2014). The latest advice is on their website

The second sentence of the second paragraph should have a full stop after ‘20V/m’ with the rest of that sentence and the rest of that paragraph deleted.

The text below should then be inserted.

‘Similarly a field-day or demonstration station might have 400W to a 6dB gain antenna which would give a field strength of 28 V/m at 10m. Although no longer a formal limit, 28V/m is often used as a guide above which you need to conduct a more careful analysis and take steps to reduce it.

Conveniently that distance, which should be cordoned off to prevent public access, will also provide a safe ‘drop-zone’, should a mast collapse. A taller mast will obviously need a larger zone.’

On page 86 the text below should be added to the caption to Fig 12.4

‘It will be noticed that as the distance from the source doubles the illuminated area increases by a factor of four so the Power Flux Density will be a quarter of the previous value.  That effect is termed an Inverse Square Law; the PFD reduces as the square of the distance.’


Previous Changes

Page 9, col 1, Remote Control, lines 2 and 3, The 500mW limit now applies only to Foundation and Intermediate licensees.  Full licensees are limited only by their schedule.  Clearly the general advice not to run more power than required is applicable here too. [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 12, caption against top picture should read: ‘This radio is receiving on the output frequency of 70cm repeater channel RU266. What frequency should it transmit on?’

Page 13, the section entitled ‘High Power operating and contests’ should have a mortarboard symbol against it.

Page 13, cols 3, second paragraph, first 3 lines should read ‘The problem is usually one of intermodulation, which is covered in some detail later in the book. The difficulty comes…’

Page 13, col 3, third paragraph, first line should read ‘In the receiver chapter we will learn that…’

Page 17, col 1, first paragraph, line 9, delete the word ‘give’.

Page 17, col 1, second paragraph, line 4, the word ‘inflect’ should read ‘inflict’.

Pages 18 and 19, The EMC committee Leaflet 7 on Protective Multiple Earthing (PME) (6-page/68.2KB PDF) has been reissued and should be read in place of the existing text in the book. It is also worth noting that all of the diagrams on pages 18 and 19 are incomplete and the full EMC leaflet should be obtained.

Page 20/21, Readers should note that the EXP key shown and used in the text is now marked 10X on most new scientific calculators.

Page 21, in the example ‘What is the resonant frequency?’, right hand version, line 10, the word ‘micro’ should read ‘pico’.

Page 22 col 2, last 2 lines, the words ‘The resistance may be defined as:’ should be before the formula, not after it.

Page 36 col 1 para 1 – first mortar board. Lines 4, 5 and 6, Replace existing text “twice the supply voltage….” with “twice the peak voltage (not RMS) from the transformer secondary. This is due to the charge on the capacitor adding to the negative half cycles from the transformer.”

Page 41 col 1, last word of last line should read ‘than’ not ‘then’

Page 46, col 2, next to last line, after ‘…or frequencies.’ Add ‘Fig 7.5 shows how crystal switching can be used in an oscillator circuit.’

Page 46, col 3 line 6. The reference to Fig 7.2 should read 7.3 [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 47, col 1, line 6 should read ‘…but the trimmer capacitors in Fig 7.4 and 7.5 can only pull the frequency slightly.’

Page 49, col 1, under heading ‘Frequency multiplier’, line 5, ‘1992’ should read ‘1982’.

Page 60 Fig 8.14, legend to ‘freq B’ should be MHz not MHx.

Page 73, col 1, lines 6, 7 & 8 of bottom paragraph. Replace ‘ but may be too high for modern transistor transmitters.’ with ‘, however for transistors the maximum SWR is about 1.5.’ [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 75, col 3 just below mortar board. Line should read 73/2 = 36.5? [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

[Only believed to affect 2008/2009 reprint] Page 75, col 3, last 3 lines of text have dropped off bottom of page and not put on page 76. Complete sentence by adding ‘angle of radiation and considerably increase the radiation in the horizontal directions, which is where it is wanted.’

Page 86, col 3 top line. Replace ‘include’ with ‘be done’. [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 98, col 3 line 11 Replace ‘induces a voltage’ with ‘induces a current’ [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 100 col 3, above heading Viewing RF and modulation, line should read ‘3×2 = 6V peak or 12V peak to peak’. [This has been included in the 2008/2009 reprint.]

Page 102, col 2, under heading ‘Defining the dB’, paragraph 2, line 3, ‘table 13B’ should read ‘table 13.19’

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