RadCom Plus

| September 11, 2017

We’re delighted to announce that the latest issue of RadCom Plus is now available. It contains the following features:

Vertical phased arrays from compromised locations
John Matthews, G3WZT wanted to improve his antennas for 80m when he decided to go US county chasing, but only on 80m CW.

Simple APRS tracker
Anthony Le Cren, F4GOH designed this little low-cost FM transmitting card that can be used for different applications.

Printed circuit board design
Marc van Stralen, DK4DDS talks you through all the data you need to send a PCB company to have your low-volume boards printed easily and, often, cheaply.

We have listened to members’ feedback from previous issues and are responding by offering a tailored PDF version as a trial for this issue, in addition to the ePUB version. Both of these options enable you to download RadCom Plus to read offline if you wish.

For those who prefer to read it online you can still use the Flipbook version which is also available.

RadCom Plus is a members’ benefit so just log into the RSGB membership portal and then you can access both versions from the RadCom Plus page of our website.


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