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| November 21, 2014

Did you visit the National Hamfest in September? Perhaps you were unable to attend and wondered what it was like. TX Factor have announced that episode six about the National Hamfest is now available to view online.

The RSGB is delighted to announce plans to launch an exciting new electronic supplement, RadCom Plus. Aimed at extending the range of technical information available to Members as part of their existing subscription, it will complement and expand the existing range of publications. It will be published quarterly and articles will cover a wide range of topics to provide the technical background that everyone needs for ‘self-training’ beyond the UK licence exams. See the RSGB website for more details.

Anyone who enjoyed the 3D printer article on page 44 of the latest RadCom may be interested in the Model Engineering Exhibition at Sandown Park on the 12 to 14 December. There will be a section devoted to these devices. Details at

The new Radio Arcala My DX Summit website went live at 10.00UTC on 21 November. The new site design, which incorporates a number of features including a handy propagation tool, has been undergoing some beta testing and last-minute tweaking over the past few weeks. Go to

Two Japanese amateur radio satellites, will be heading into deep space this month. The satellites will hitch a ride with the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency asteroid mission, which is scheduled to launch on 29 November. One satellite will have an F1D digital store-and-forward transponder, a CW beacon on 437.505MHz and WSJT telemetry on 437.385MHz. The second satellite will have a CW beacon at 437.325MHz.

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