RSGB questions Ofcom WTA S54 Regs

| December 11, 2016

RSGB EMC Committee put questions to Ofcom based on their new Wireless Telegraphy Act, Section 54 regulations concerning enforcement against¬†RFI from in service equipment. The attached response largely reiterates the points made in Ofcom’s response to consultation on the original proposal. However the answer to question 6 reveals more information about what is needed for […]

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RSGB issue HAREC with advanced exams

| September 5, 2016

Following discussions with Ofcom, the RSGB has agreed to issue a UK HAREC alongside every new UK advanced examination pass certificate from 5 Sept 2016. This simplifies the existing process where a separate application to Ofcom was required. The process for existing licence holders remains unchanged at this time. A Harmonised Amateur Radio Examination¬†Certificate (HAREC) […]

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New Ofcom licensing portal update

| August 5, 2016

Update (GB2RS):¬†3 -Feb-2017 Ofcom updated its licensing system for radio amateurs on 30 January. Changes include the ability to request a Notice of Variation for standard special event stations; a verify my details button, which prompts users to confirm or update their personal details annually after login; a display showing the date your personal details […]

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