News for Northern Ireland – 27 March 2016

| March 24, 2016

RSGB News Manager Ken Hatton, G3VBA would like to apologise for a—quote—“silly mistake” in the 2015 Committee Reports section of the April RadCom. He made a reference to Northern Island and the Isle of Man that suggested that there were no news readers in either area. He meant to say that there were no readers on the Isle of Man and apologises to every one who was offended by the remark.

On Easter Monday, 28 March, the 2 Metres Counties Contest runs from 2pm to 4pm local time. The multipliers in this contest are the EI and GI counties, while both SSB and FM can be used. There are separate sections for portable and fixed stations, low power and high power, as well as an FM Only section for single operators and an SWL section. See for more details. This contest has always been well supported and you can expect to hear many EI and GI counties on the air.

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