RSGB Events Site

Here you will find details of RSGB events and of events notified to us by our ARDF Committee, Affiliated Societies and Volunteer Trainers. There are various ways to search for events:

  • Use the Calendar as an easy way to find out what’s on soon.
  • Use the Find Events tabular search to select events based on dates, categories, RSGB Regions and text.
  • Use the Categories page to see events in particular Event Categories presented both in list and map forms.
  • Use the In Your Region pages to see events and locations in particular RSGB Regions presented both in list and Google™ Map forms.
  • Use the various map searches to locate events using Google™ Maps. There are maps for GB Events, all GB Locations, and World-wide Locations.
  • Use the Radio Sport ARDF pages to see ARDF events and results.
  • Events Managers may use the For Managers pages to create and update Events and Locations.

How Events Work

The events Calendar and the various tables and maps presented on the RSGB Events Site are all generated from Event and Location entries in the database.

Each Event entry contains information specific to the event, and will, at the very least, contain the event’s name and date. Usually it will be connected to a Location entry.

Each Location entry contains information specific to the location, and will, at the very least, contain the location’s name and address. It may be connected to more than one Event entry, and is responsible for putting the events it is connected to on the map. Some locations may not be connected to any events, but even so they will appear in some of the map displays and Location lists.

If an Event is not connected to a Location then it will not appear in any location-related searches or appear on any maps. Usually only “On-air” events and others which are expected to happen country-wide will not be connected to a Location. Occasionally an event in the early stages of planning may also not yet have a set location. All such events will be clearly identified in the tables of events, and will not appear on any of the map displays or geographical lists.